Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back in the saddle again

I went on vacation, and all I got was this nasty rash.
PLE/PMLE, what ever you want to call it, it sucks.
I used to tan well, without even trying. Now, I still don't burn, but I get this itchy nasty funk on my arms and face. It's not an allergy; I get the rash even if I don't use sunscreen (but yet I do, of course, mostly).
So, anyway, my trip was rife with unfortunate events large and small, and all the petty inconveniences aside, I did not enjoy my leisure time. This may be the only time you hear me say it, but it's good to be back at work. (!) The 18 wildly demented people I was in charge of the last two 12 hours shifts are CAKE compared to the nimrods on I-95.
Have you ever sat on a highway (parking lot) for 3.5 hrs? Completely shut down secondary to an accident. My legs still ache. And swell.
A new GN will be starting orientation soon.
I might get to start my three 12's *sometime* this summer.
The time off I have coming in August will be plan-free. I am leaving it up to the fates. If I sit here in the a/c watching DVDs the whole time, it will be fine. I will be okay. Promise.
Back to school to complete my BSN in September.
Am astounded by how much I really like my job. Guess I just needed some time away to truly appreciate it.
Was unable to attend my 20-year H.S. reunion. From the looks of the photos, nothing has changed. You know how certain cliques can be? Well, they still are. Funny how none of my friends back then were in any pics. Perhaps they didn't bother to go either. I'm glad I'm all grown up now and stuff like that doesn't bother me anymore.
Thumbs Up
Ok, I found this link over at yorlor's, and I'm particularly pleased with my new title.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Most Noble and Honourable the Carnivorous of Nether Wombleshire
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