Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Kick back, relax, and be glad you're on night shift this week. That's what I keep telling myself.
It's that time again. State inspection. So much better here than that last place I was at. Yikes.
Are all the "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed? Every form filled out in full? Signatures, initials, dates, times? If it's not documented, it didn't happen!
You gotta love the restraints. Chart the same thing in three different places.
It amuses me how the medical floors (it seems) can tie anyone down for petty little reasons, and we have to jump through hoops backwards for our own protection. Not that I advocate restraints or anything. Nope. Just an observation is all.
Really though, we're not worried. We run a pretty good unit, and do what we're supposed to. It's just the prep work and double-checking that leads up to this visit that makes me a little wrought with exhaustion.
That, and adjusting my schedule to accomodate the shift rotation.
I'm getting too old for this. But I love it; keeps me on my toes and gives me a change of scenery. Some patients actually do have an "off" switch! And my LPN partner this week is just awesome - what a team! She knows the paperwork and routine better than I do. Indispensable, I tell you.
Off to bed now, have a great day everyone (all 4 of you)!


Blogger Iris said...

I am here!! I love reading your blog. We do chart audits all the time at work. We have to do our own. It is time consuming and really silly

10 January, 2007 11:07  
Blogger Mother Jones RN said...

Paperwork, yuck!

Sleep tight.


10 January, 2007 16:18  
Blogger AzRN said...

whew...just had our inspection. as for restraints, i say we should go for "better living through chemistry" and initiate the arial spraying of ativan!

sweet dreams...

20 January, 2007 15:19  
Blogger RX850 said...

I've been through the drama of state inspections many times and they just NEVER got any easier.

I just found your blog and am enjoying it so much!

22 January, 2007 17:07  
Blogger yorlor said...

all five.

22 January, 2007 22:09  
Blogger Julie, RN said...

Five! I have 5! Hotdamn. Thanks!

25 January, 2007 01:55  
Blogger Marie said...

Consider it six. I linked you to my blog, hope that's OK. Love your stories, especially how you really go out of your way for your patients. Keep up the good work, it keeps students like myself going.


29 March, 2007 23:30  

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